Among Us

Among Us

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Playing time:
60 - 90 min.
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Aliens are among us! Coming from a distant planet they do not have peaceful intentions: they are ready to assimilate humanity to make us grey, small and flabby just like them. And since the day was not already awful enough, they want to start right from your city. They are plenty, smart and wicked, just like fag ash, but do not panic: as current lodger of planet Earth, we still have some aces in the hole to play. On our side, we have unshakable field agents, tough to the bones and loyal to the cause, although limited when it is time to take action. We can also count on a brilliant group of scientists: if these eggheads could just work together, they might indeed find a way to prevent the imminent invasion... too bad that at the first warning they fled and scatter to the ends of the city! They might be braniacs but definitely miss the guts. As part of the resistance, your mission is to coordinate the agents on the field and gather all the scientists before the aliens complete their plan of conquering the city. You shall send orders from your secret headquarter, but be aware: the enemy is looking for you, and if it manages to localize you, it would assimilate and bring you by its side with no hesitation! If that happens you will end up in the perfect situation to undermine all the effort of your former comrades, the Earthlings!

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