Shipping and payments

Shipping to Italy

Amount: less than 45€ more than 45€
Cost 4,49€ FREE

International shippings

Amount*: less than 100€ more than 100€
France, Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Ireland, Luxembourg, Monaco, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, United Kingdom, Austria, Croatia, Finland, Slovenia, Sweden, Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania 7,99€ FREE
Rest of the world The shipping cost depends on weight. Therefore it is calculated during checkout.

Bonus Playcard4 given with "Apple" games

For every "Apple" purchased on the site, the customer receive a playcard4 bonus credit of 4 euros that can be used for the next order. As the bonus, the customer will receive one or more playcard4, a virtual card with a value of 4 euro each. For every order placed, there is a maximum of 8 cards that can be obtained (4,00€ x 8 = 32,00€ total bonus credit). The playcards4 are assigned automatically when the order is released and shipped and must be used in the next 60 days upon receipt. The playcards4 can be managed via the specific section of the site that can be reached by the relative icon in the user panel.

Free shipping with "Strawberry" games

You get free shipping to Italy if you buy a game signed with the "Strawberry".

Payment methods

The store accept the following payments:
• Advanced bank transfer
• Credit card via Paypal
• Cash on delivery (3,00 euro added to the total) only for shippings to Italy
All the prices are 22% IVA (VAT) included, where available, and, in the page of each item, there's an icon that represent the current availability of that item in our warehouse, so that the shipping times are known.
More informations are available through the link "conditions" present in the bottom of every page of the site.

Delivery times

The delivery times, with few exceptions, are 24h in Italy,excluding islands that are reached in 48h. The items in stock are shipped the same day the order is placed if received until 2:30 pm. The items not available will be ordered, so the delivery times will be different game by game. You can check the estimate times written inside the red circle of the item. Anyway you can contact us for more info, visiting the Contacts section.

Shipping cost

You can read the shipping cost for Italy in the table above. For the International shipping flat rate is repoted on cart during the order. If you choose to pay with cash on delivery, you always have to add 3,00 euro to the total (for shipping to Italy).


What happen if the courier tries to deliver the package but I'm not present?

IMPORTANT: as soon as the package will be shipped, you'll receive a email from with the tracking number, so that you can check the status of the shipment on the courier website ( or or You'll have to pay attention on your shipment in the case of delivery issues..

What happen if the package is be shipped back to the sender or if I do not want it anymore?

In the case that it's not a responsibility (for example: wrong or incomplete address, package rejection), will refund the total paid for the order excluding the shipping cost.In the case of shipment with a payment via cash on delivery, the customer will have to pay the shipping cost within 7 days from the receiving of our notice via paypal, postal order, bank transfer, postagiro.

In the case I still want the package?

In the case that you still want to receive the package, you'll have to pay the shipping cost again for the new shipment.

The customer, choosing to buy from store, declares to understand and accepts all the terms and conditions written above.